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ViCi Gaming vs Cloud9
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  • tan "iiiiiiiiiiuh" sienchung ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • slowhand "slowhand258" 258 ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • adityas "mangoyaphan" naik ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • James "Jamescs" Ham ,
    can someone please help me on valuebet, i'm trying to deposit items from my inventory to gosustash, there was active deposit request but no offer from the bot to my account. dota2lounge worked for me though about the account and steam trade url
    • Vitaly "M1rage" Suturikhin ,
      same issue each time. Try to deposit 5 items or less, sometimes it works.
      • James "Jamescs" Ham ,
        i keep on changing the amount i deposit, but it still wont work, i have been trying this like around 15 times errr this gosu...
        • Vitaly "M1rage" Suturikhin ,
          I have experienced the same and just use only GosuBet (branches) cuz techsupport also can't help
    • Chavdar "GG-Ikarus" Katsarov ,
      Please make sure you are depositing items that are tradable and that those are not items that have been purchased from the Steam Community Marketplace in the past 7 days. For now these items are still not filtered properly on the deposit screen, so you can see them, but they cannot be traded and you will not get a trade offer (even though the bots will atempt to send the TO, it will just fail if it contains such an item).
      • James "Jamescs" Ham ,
        i was betting armory expander, and its been in my inventory for a long time ago. i tried like 10 attempts and it only work once, and the maximum item i can deposit is 1 each time( that worked out ). this is quite embarrassing since it might took a long time.
  • chris "chanex1997" Tian ,
    i bet my life on VICI
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