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Jun 21, 2015, 10:15 AM CEST


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Virtus Pro-Dota2 vs Evil Geniuses DotA2
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  • killhunt "killhunt777" henka ,
    what a sumail one again.... hope secret take care of him :)
  • Harp "Harpoon222" Geee ,
    It's DAC all over again. . . EG performing well. . .looking forward to the rest of the matches.
  • Tin "TinFoilHatConspiracy" Foil ,
    It was very obvious that EG was going to win. Just look at their picks. VP always picked greedy laneup with wyvern + tusk and EG usually drafted heavily around magic damage. Sure Wyvern+Tusk strat worked good for them but it was so obvious that it wasn't going to win against EG with lots of magic damage VP have been spamming same pick over and over again and was having success. There was no way that EG didn't noticed. Just by looking at past hero picks for VP and EG, I knew that it was easy EG's win. Sucks that I was going to allin for EG but dota2lounge bots were offline so I weren't able to bet anything for ez prediction.
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