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Jun 20, 2015, 3:45 PM CEST


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Invictus Gaming vs Cloud9
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  • Nitro "Levi_New_Year" Dex ,
    Will BONE7 be back?
  • John Aldrin "johnaldrin027" Ibo ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • MarMar "mismack2k11" Matulac II ,
    Bone7 will play since its playoff time. source is here http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/news/31444-esl-one-playoffs-brackets-announced
  • "de_end" ,
    Lol I think iG will regret they picked C9 for opponent. Bone7 is C9's main drafter, and hes a very dedicated player. Just after he watched Zai's offlane kunkka, he played offlane kunkka too. (I watched his stream before he went to Cologne). Im not expecting C9 to play offlane kunkka, just showing how bone7 wasnt idling around.
    • none "XiaoMei" none ,
      So they should have picked VG? what's wrong with you?
      • Rajat "-Krypton-" Goenka ,
        what he means is that although ig got to pick the enemy.. they will loose the series to c9. Therefore, regretting their decision. Although, i personally have a strong fell that iG will take the series.
        • none "XiaoMei" none ,
          why do they have to regret their decision? They had to choose between VG and C9, and even though VG looks weak at the moment, picking C9 for opponent is obviously the safer bet.
    • Troll "troll-flamelord" Flame-Lord ,
      lol so what bro, facing Clown9 is alot better choice than VG.
  • John Aldrin "johnaldrin027" Ibo ,
    WHat is ur predictions?
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