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Jun 18, 2015, 1:45 PM CEST


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Alliance vs Evil Geniuses DotA2
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  • nepo "mememomo" dumaop ,
    too easy for Alliance.... .....to go home 1st.
  • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
    Will eg throw again? i mean this match doesn't matter at all.
    • "de_end" ,
      Are you stupid? Of course seeding matters. Alliance and Fnatic like I said, are two "perceived weakest" teams, EG will not want to lose here. There are certain negative mentality that you will go into if you lose to a team that is perceived as the weakest, thats why you will be more motivated to win.
      • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
        i dont think so. Only top3 can pick their opponents. So no difference between 4th-8th place. So seed match is not motivated enough for most teams at all. And for team eg, even they got 7-8th place, i dont think 1st or 2nd or 3rd wanna play with them (everyone knows they just suck at day 1 and will be awesome later ).
  • Viacheslav "SlobbaN" Melnichuk ,
    Odds are too low on EG, don't wanna risk it, pass.
  • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
    EG didn't try hard this game, but Alliance worse than eg too much.
  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    The scores are messed up. In the tournament description, it says that Alliance won the game but at the scoreboards, it's EG. Who really won?
  • Alexander "megakilldota2" Dashkevich ,
    EG WON! Highlight: https://youtu.be/TYf8ZZjFIhA
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