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May 22, 2015, 12:00 PM CEST


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MY vs NewBee
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  • lokman "lknight1410" yaacob ,
    MY pls win... GLHF
  • jao "jhaozkie13" guevarra ,
    What happen in dota2lounge it says Alliance won and malaysia re-draft ?.
    • Dioco "diocoa20" Dagatn ,
      They made a mistake, the redraft is about the transfer of winnings to team MY betters, since theyre the ones who actually won, but those [A] betters must be happy though since they got the items, which supposed to be lost from them, if i were them id immediately withdraw those items huehuehue :D
      • adrian "s0ngwriter" wong ,
        you cant tho.. cuz nyx is always bz.. you can only bet the item in your inventory you cant insert or retrieve item back
        • Dioco "diocoa20" Dagatn ,
          ahh my bad, i completely forgot about the nyx thingy since ive recently moved to valubetting here from betting in d2l, but betting here is still pain in the ass tho, when you withdraw items, each item corresponds to one steam offer, so 10 item withdraws is 10 steam offers for you @[email protected]
  • ais "aisweird" faisal ,
    wtf is happening with D2L? i bet on MY and cant connect
    • Sunivo "gehenna2305" Dwi A.S. ,
      D2L change profession to a Scammer ?? (LOL)
      • ais "aisweird" faisal ,
        gaaah... iam so mad rite now, when i lose betting nothing happened but when i win shit like this or defwin happens
  • liew "msia.no2zsmj" tzun fung ,
    My gt This~ Newbee fucking tired after str8 plying 2 game wif IG~
  • imbako "freeboy9251" akonani ,
    MY will get this <------ BET NOW
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