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May 21, 2015, 6:00 AM CEST


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MY vs Vici Gaming Potential
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  • adi "adizhou5" zhou ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • AM "shiratensei" A ,
    MY even lost to the underdog Newbee team..I don't think MY can win this too
    • Matias "m99i" Dierio ,
      underdog? rofl
    • RJ "rjnavarro" Navarro ,
      LOL newbee TI4 champ!!do you even doto?
    • Dominic "OTOD" Chong ,
      Newbee have Mu, Banana and Sansheng who are part of the team who won TI4. Mu was one of the brightest Mid-Player for TI4 They too have Rabbit and June. Although both of these players may have been kick out from their previous teams (LGD & iG), they are players that hv played in big teams that could easily wipe out SEA teams.
  • Andrei "tyrex" Eremia ,
    swap roles between ky.xy and KecikImba. Win TI 5!!!. (no kappa)
  • <. "Man0k" .> ,
    VGP Got this , MY has roles issues I guess
  • zhao "devilmc" ruzhen ,
    ez for my!!aii in my
  • chuck "alphatrooper" dipaola ,
    there is no way my loses this to garbage vg.p. my had very close games against newbee even tho they lost. they tried some risky drafts but there is no way they will take risks this game. I assume they will first pick shadowfiend when they have the chance.
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