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May 22, 2015, 2:30 PM CEST


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LGD vs ViCi Gaming
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  • Mohammad "Mdesign" Dadashpour ,
    Go LGD
  • liew "msia.no2zsmj" tzun fung ,
    You currently have bet branches 3,500 on LGD With these percentages, you may win branches 10,184 Thx VG Fans Gay
  • Liam "irishfro" Fellona ,
    You currently have bet branches 2,777 on ViCi Gaming With these percentages, you may win branches 3,111 all in boys
  • FF "factface" .w33 ,
    Whos going to win
  • d "xlate" s ,
    Bet value: 3 items 0.25 USD Possible win : 1.77 USD
  • kwok "cool2138" xiong ,
    haha i damn like this site, just now i won 1 .6+ dollar with only 0.1+ value items now another game to yolo, lgd 18% best yolo site
    • "trevize" ,
      I won 4.7 usd, but got it all in 7 cent items.... garbage site -_-
      • Dioco "diocoa20" Dagatn ,
        I feel you bruh, even fills your gosustash with items making you withdraw tons of items, in which the ggnet bots will return to you in individual steam offers each -_-
  • rui "rvgrvg1" vasconcelos ,
    The pattern show us that after two consecutive losses LGD wins the next game against VG.... So..all in LGD.... NOT!
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