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Summoner's Rift vs Team Tinker
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Winner: Tinker
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  • Rajan "GorKhaLee" Gurung ,
    PREDICTION : RISKY BET !! BUT BASE ON PERCENTAGE REWARD And few other factors. READ TILL LAST .. I AM A NOOB PREDICTOR ! Rift : Tinker 1 : 2 40 % : 60 % RIFT : Showed us a good well played against the NT which as as expected .their team mate having frequent DC from the previous me pissed me off. anway against team TINKER they might have a 35-40 chances of winning . this will be a risky Bet ! However RIFTsa good team who knows what they are doing. They play safe enough and get well fed with stacking.. always have a back up team standing near by to give a good support. Tinker : They are good team that caught my attention when they played when they 1st start off.. Beating off VP.Polar , Empire , and so so . This Tinker made me lose lots of ITEMS due to i underestimate without watching their game play. They had a good fucking superb team play and skill that amaze me in every factor. TO bet on this TEAM Tinker is a kinda safe. My opinion on this prediction BASE on reward and YOLO. : I would take a risk and bet on RIFT . WHY? BEcause of the item reward values. They are good and never know what Rift might hold for the Tinker. BEside that THIS IS A FINAL MATCH and i'm sure BOTH TEAM WILL PLAY FUCKING WELLL Especially the RIFT. LEts not talk about TINKER ( we know they are good ) BUT!!! YOLO BET .. I THINK RIFT can show us SOME miracles? . UNLESS TInker TRASH RIFT IN EARLY GAME . Conclusion : Bet ON your own risk. GAmbler gonna bet high while Safe gambler will bet low value item on RIft. I think Tinker will win this but i will still go for RIFT. BET ON YOUR OWN RISK . DON:T BLAME ME.. I'm JUST A LONER WHO SUGGEST MY THINKING HERE. BY THE WAY I NEVER WACH TINKER GAME BECAUSE I WAS BUSY WITH MY FUCKING WORK.
  • Rajan "GorKhaLee" Gurung ,
    START up so well but end up fucking volvo didn;t wait.. ITS FUCKING FINAL . IF they were to wait .. rift would have won.. fucking sniper dc. Next Game : Rift Stills hold the anger , they will be blinded by the ANGER and lose all the focus and lose. Rift need to calm the fuck down to win next game. anyway it will be hard. tinkerino have JESUS Watching over them in the 1st game
  • Alim "Crusilent" Saputra ,
    Stfu dude
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