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EHOME Malaysia vs Invasion eSports
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Winner: EHOME.my
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  • Sulaiman "mart_thou86" Rani ,
    This is second official match for EHOME.MY. GLHF
  • Alexander "megakilldota2" Dashkevich ,
    Amazing game by secret.zai, thank me later https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOiRGZDY6_c
  • bi "rainism" rain ,
    atlast we will get to see ehome.my play. but i still think the old malaysian lineup with xtinct and net as support is better. i still remember that 21 win streak and not even getting serious with their picks banning huskar and riki every match.
    • ins "insanee12" ane ,
      lol, mushi explained why they did that in an interview
  • Stefan "najzli" Nikolic ,
    I know EHOME is better maybe,but i bet on Invasion. No other way to win good price,i need to bet on low % :D
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