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Mineski.Dota2 vs Invasion eSports
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Winner: Invasion
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  • vitaly "MolecularMan" krivosheyu ,
    http://tinyurl.com/nte929w trying to predict some matches
  • Sarude "Sarude22" Dandstorm ,
    mski will throw
  • niko "nikowafu13" reyes ,
    invasion is already out of star ladder. its already 0-2. go for mineski.
    • X "Xenaz" enaz ,
      No, Invasion still have a little chance to advance into next stage ONLY IF, Ehome.my win against both 5Eva n Mineski + They win against Mineski + Mineski win against 5Eva, which ends up a 3way tied n They have an overall better result than other, but it seems unlikely to happen though.....
  • Mavs "m0kz" Bolisay ,
    There is no Lower Bracket in the 1st Stage..but nikowafu's right INVASION is out since they lost twice already so 60-70% Mineski..unless they throw and choose not to go in this tournament :)
  • Jay "DJayboyz" Arenasa ,
    i think Invasion got this lol
  • jaizar "BADninja" camlian ,
    mineski throw in game 2 by letting their support play the carry role..... hayzzzzzz!!!!
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