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Team Empire DotA2

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Apr 13, 2015, 12:00 AM CEST


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Evil Geniuses DotA2 vs Team Empire DotA2
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  • Alexander "alexanderkaz" Kazantcev ,
    Ez for EG
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Na If EG beat Nip i doubt they will have the energy for this game :x bad planning from MLG...Shouldve rescheduled this for tommorow...
  • Ranz "ExposureGaming" Plete ,
    they will have the energy to defeat empire too
  • Ezequiel "Faneam3" Garay ,
    EG win this!!! trust me and thanks me later
  • Killer "Mastadoti" Master ,
    gg easy empire
  • silent "0z0ne34" obbma ,
    #Respect Empire :) yOLo time go For empire trash items and get back cool stuFF i am in TOP 10 gosu betters any1 wanna ask somethng add me on FB :) hF
  • Silviu "Tieger" Silviu ,
    i dont think that this game will be easy for empire. Maybe it will be the hardest game of their life (like the one with IG was, in major all stars) but i like them and i want them to win. EG has the first chance here, maybe most of the people would expect them to win, but i want to trust empire and bet on them. I know they are not the favorites and they might loose, but i will bet on them.
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