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Evil Geniuses DotA2

United States
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Apr 11, 2015, 11:00 PM CEST


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MVP Phoenix vs Evil Geniuses DotA2
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  • nheonne "xeon024" timbol ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Jake "J_A_K_E09" Curameng ,
    EZ for EG agree? :) lols
  • vjlink "stfuckawtft" ivangAy ,
    235br for 9br GOGO MVP
  • Edsel "edselfgb" Gaona ,
    50 bets for 801 xdd hAHAHA GO MPV PLSS
  • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
    It's so painful to watch MVP, like they had the chance to finish earlier and not let Fear even farm ... but w/e they won and made a huge upset:D
    • Willie "GhettoSuPaStaR" Kimble ,
      You're never going to stop all three cores of EG from farming. They chose to just focus Suma1L primarily, and it paid off. The primary kill potential for the AM was a Blood / Orchid storm, but that never happened. Febby and KPhoenix played incredible, and the rest of the team did really well. This is what MVP has a problem with: strangling their opponent to victory. MVP always wants to pick off into an objective, but sometimes you just have control the map and out farm your opponent to victory.
  • Rakesh "Punjabi66" Punjabi ,
    MVP win,now i think they will throw with NT as respect , so NT could've win record too lol. . .trust me ^^
    • Willie "GhettoSuPaStaR" Kimble ,
      Nah, MVP want to improve too much to be nice. They want to gut NoT Today. They want to be the team that sends them home WINLESS. KILL EM MVP! TEAR THEM APART!
      • Rakesh "Punjabi66" Punjabi ,
        but now if empire beat bbc ,then they dont need to win. . lets see what happen with empire vs bbc. . u knw sir,i smell some fixing in this event,thats why u should take care about result for every last match
        • adrian "s0ngwriter" wong ,
          this is a freaking bubble race.. who the hell want to lose... everyone want to win to stay on the top.. mvp is raping.nt now... so your point is actually invalid
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