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Rave vs Invasion eSports
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  • "trevize" ,
    New gg.net design is so garbage. A lot of things that are double or irrelevant, but they removed things that would be actually interesting. Just awful.
  • ma "machiang" chiang ,
    worth doing that,but high risk GL m8 5$→25+$ ,ezy arcana :)
  • archie "zDara" junio ,
    I go for a draw! :))
  • Tristan "2ez4tan" TanAgain ,
    I changed my mind going for team Rave here.. but draw i think and that 82% odds betting 4k = 1k lol Goodluck Rave
  • ma "machiang" chiang ,
    this new gosu style's tooooo terrible and anti- user-surfing baddly. any1 hear me?
    • Muel "Muelxdd" Cañada ,
      All of us dont like this new interface haha notttttttttttttttttttt user-friendly at all!
  • naruto "tajss1" hinata ,
    ah this theme :| i like older face
  • opick "dajibz" dajib ,
    i need rampage
  • hao "zottka" tran ,
    :) ! out pick by INva
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