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Feb 7, 2015, 3:30 AM CET


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2 : 1

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Rave vs Invictus Gaming
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Winner: Rave
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  • Milos "MilosMC1" Djordjevic ,
    You currently have bet branches 147 on Invictus Gaming. With these percentages, you may win branches 289.
  • glamyx "glam_works" workies ,
    me 100%NOYPI trust RAVE ... GO GO GO RAVE " NOYPI's PRIDE " ... be CONFIDENT, have TRUST and TEAMWORK GL guyz ~ TO GLORY ~ ツ
  • Lenuel "luel1487" Camasis ,
    Rave knows they can win this tournament. I think they threw the other games so that they can go to the lower bracket to avoid facing the real good teams. Nice strategy rave!
  • Emmanuel "nfsmw091011" Inoferio ,
    if IG Lose Here?? then no more game for them?? I go For iG PEople Good Luck !!! HAVE FUN!!
  • sahawat "sankac126" wantanatavatod ,
    In pinoy i trust!!! but bot still offline and i lose my keys WTF !!!
  • Far "F59200" Bal ,
    Rave won one century of peenoy salary hahaha. They might win this if IG don't make good rotation early game
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