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Feb 7, 2015, 3:30 AM CET


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2 : 1

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Rave vs Invictus Gaming
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Winner: Rave
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  • Marc "Laziestboy" Gumandoy ,
    Let the GREEN LIGHTS continues.. 1ST =p
  • Andreas "ahg_tv" Hamberg ,
    Rave should definatley have better odds than 25%
  • Dan "imashamedofmycountrymen" Cpisdgfyisdfjwefn ,
    Don't worry boys Rave will find a way to win this series! Eternal nb got this!
  • Ferhat "PhoenixNyks" Deniz ,
    Hope Rave will find a way but it's hard.
  • bilal "devil_yuri" ashraf ,
    guys never ever bet on dota2bestyolo site this site have dead admi i bet 2 arcana's (legion and terror ) vg vs hellrise vg won when i withdraw my item after confirming the trade with bot one window appear for confirming by mails :( and window close my arcana's gone from that fucking site and i received nothing i try to connect admi but no one answering i raise minimum 15 tickets but got nuthing so please be care full
    • russel "astrixman" pagwagan ,
      you are not alone i hear some of the members here are same problem did you experience. i think try to report this issue in steam or its better never ever trust on this site.
    • kiesloswky "kiesloswky" Ayasca Esquives ,
      Same problem :( lose 4keys
    • Mushfickur "ifty" Rahman ,
      bro.. when u created the steam account there is a email u gave to register the account ( the account u used to bet on dota2bestyolo)..go to that email..there will be a confirmation email send to you by dota2bestyolo ...decline it to get your items back
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