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Feb 7, 2015, 7:15 AM CET


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Cloud9 vs HyperGloryTeam
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Winner: Cloud9
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  • Mikhail "FlameIntegrity" M ,
    Ez rares for ZSMJ
  • Ferhat "PhoenixNyks" Deniz ,
    EE-sama got this thank me later
  • Kelton "kelton_atherton" Atherton ,
    C9 has got this
  • Mirsad "scheize34" Kilercik ,
    You currently have bet 1 rare on HyperGloryTeam. With these percentages, you may win 6.42 rares. i think i can take this one !!! go ZSMJ !!!!! pick brew in all game so 2ez4hgt
  • bilal "devil_yuri" ashraf ,
    guys never ever bet on dota2bestyolo site this site have dead admi i bet 2 arcana's (legion and terror ) vg vs hellrise vg won when i withdraw my item after confirming the trade with bot one window appear for confirming by mails :( and window close my arcana's gone from that fucking site and i received nothing i try to connect admi but no one answering i raise minimum 15 tickets but got nuthing so please be care full
    • Mirsad "scheize34" Kilercik ,
      that actually happen on me dota2wp that shitty site !!! and yeah dont play from dota2bestyolo play on lounge no risk , no scam nothing safe bets
    • Ahmad "mamadtomad" Nugroho ,
      yeah, don't bet on dota2bestyolo. my friend bet on dota2bestyolo, he got $10 value. guess what ? he got $0.03 value x 100 items + 1 item value $1. wtf is that
    • Hewiranto "Greeny_jr" Ari Wibowo ,
      u should bet on these 3 site dota2wage,dota2lounge and gosugamers. others betting site is suck.
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