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Feb 1, 2015, 2:00 PM CET


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Cloud9 vs NewBee
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Winner: Cloud9
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  • V "Ntvr" R ,
    Skip this match bouth teams ar suck
  • Paul "Archyy" Lupu ,
    bet on cloud9... newbee is dead...
  • Casper "maftuno" Datenshi ,
    look at those red .. it makes my eyes bleed .. LoL the worse TI champion ..
  • dragon "dragon_empror" empror ,
    newbee's coach left i heard, may be that's what causing sudden performance loss...
  • Isaac "russelg" Drew ,
    too bad c9 are shit
  • c "cyc85" yc ,
    C9 going to out from this tournament if they lost this match.
    • shashank "jjcrazy" dholakia ,
      lol C9 cant qualify for upper bracket if they lose. they will still make it to lower brackets dude
      • c "cyc85" yc ,
        last remaining game vs IG, EG and LGD. They might lost all their remaining game with score 5-10. Tell me if they can qualify now. They only can qualify if all bottom team lost all their match also. Pls tell me u don't know the rules which is bottom 4 team will eliminated.
        • shashank "jjcrazy" dholakia ,
          i know the rules, newbee mvp and tongfu will be eliminated. cloud 9 stands a chance to win against IG and LGD if they play well. CDEC going to rise and rave will be the fourth team to be eliminated
  • Tony "ArenGoku" Olekov ,
    NewBee play, bot not Dota 2 gg wp EE sama
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