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G-Guard vs Signature.TrusT
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Winner: G-Guard
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  • Yang "ChingChongZicZac" Joe ,
    Guys any info about GG ? No kyxy wtf ghost now ! Are ling and net still playing ?
    • Rinel "NotAllPinoyAreRude" Natividad ,
      Where'd you get this info - Dabeliuteef moved to Invasion, according to the the latest gg article; SigTrust seems to be on a winning streak (except against CSW, which I think is picking up their game recently). I'd lean towards SigTrust, but that 1-game advantage is really making me think twice. Any solid predictions?
  • Francis "fasinatra" Sinatra ,
    Guys its for GG right ?
  • renz "renzblue26" blue ,
    Its hard bet in this game...z.z.z.z.z. Sure GG got this advantage 1 game.
  • rommel "myspade1" cruz ,
    how to bet?
  • Mitoowzeyexcee "Mitoooooooooow" Stoney ,
  • Dad "Dhadhy" Dad ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • rickson "meteoreagle" fernandes ,
    G guard is the team to go with na?
  • tonyo "buknoy" rosal ,
    for peeps betting on Trust, think twice. same lineup for G-guard due to contract agreement. http://www.mineski.net/news/4086-ex-g-guard-team-waiting-in-hitbox-obutto-finals-to-face-winner-of-signature-vs-5eva
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