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Jan 17, 2015, 12:00 PM CET


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Natus Vincere Dota 2 vs MVP Phoenix
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  • emir "jatrah" akincioglu ,
    1st... Na'Vi will win, and they will lose after that.
    • saw "dvjeez" david ,
      They will lose if they don't ban that freaking warlock . MVP pretty strong .
      • koroshi "Ks-Koroshi" 暗殺者 ,
        They already ban warlock and they lose. They pick bristleback and they lose but MVP picked it and won. Navi dota aggresive dota? MVP just showed how to really dive and kill. Noob'vi is over. Dendi should find new team.
  • matt "MouMatt" m ,
    navi lost to empire and PR recently, ez MVP win
    • Casper "maftuno" Datenshi ,
      empire and PR lost to Hellraiser and Hellraiser lost to Navi .. ez NAVI win
  • Jay Lord "donde1234" Enriquez ,
    I think navi jst thrown their game against empire on their last game to dominate in LB but still not EZ to win in LB cuz VP.Polar is also in LB now after losing to NiP. This is kind of strategies of Na'Vi and I regret dat bet on Na'Vi against Empire yesterday.
  • eskodok "eskodok" oke ,
    damn,,this navi really make me confuse please tell me who will win this match sir,,,, ill all in my last keys
    • Jay Lord "donde1234" Enriquez ,
      i will still bet for Na'Vi though they loss badly to empire. im not saying that MVP.PH is not good they can fight evenly with Na'Vi, i jst bet navi cuz if they really had a great picks they really shows no mercy <3 and hopefully they will get a great picks not like yesterday's pick against empire -_- i dont know what was goblok thinking at that time.
      • H "theharshreality" R ,
        Bro, what abt Fire vs Asus.polar? U think Asus.polar will throw again?
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