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compLexity Gaming DotA2 vs FireDota
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Winner: Fire (SNA)
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  • Xyclopz "mathlee123" (EZ) ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • kyo "kyoz4n" z4n ,
    ez for col , nyx 322
  • tian "checheeeeee" tian ,
    2EZ4SNA. They never throw, and coL never win!
  • Rajan "GorKhaLee" Gurung ,
    My Prediction for coLDOTA2 vs FIRE : coLDota2 is a good team and if they are against those new teams, i bet coLdota2 have high chances of winning. They game play is kinda basic and weak. Each individual member don;t have strong communication and they tend to put burden all in a support. End up a support will get weak and he will eventually become a east target and a feeder. They need to do something about the importance of every small things. Anyway they are learning. Team Fire : they game play is good . They team work, they ganking and lane controls. They know early control in game = high chances of winning. good roamers and so sososos bla bla lazy to type.. Since this is a game of BO3 . Team fire will have 90 % winning rate. Playing against coLDota 2 is like a child play to them . If they lose 1 game . that means they are throwing the game because of their over confident as it is BO3. Winning prediction : Team Fire will win this 2 : 0 coLDOta2
  • Neicu "Gannicus1001" Sorin ,
    coldota2 is formed of former hon superstars. They are very good but it seems like their captain ,swindlemelons , is NOT a good drafter. He dont understand that playing a normal game ( with 1 safelane carry , 1 hardlane suicide(stunner is better) , 1 mid that can gank early and 2 suports) is MUCH BETTER than palying a mix of random heroes with no teamfight potential and no late game potential. Also swindle seems to play kinda carry role but he is not good as carry. Moon was much better. And swindle was much better mid aswell. I wish them all the luck but i hope i dont see a retard draft with no teamfight and no lategame.
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    Can you watch this inside Dota 2 if you buy the ticket?
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