Kompas Gaming

Russian Federation


Russian Federation
Best of 3 match
Dec 3, 2014, 8:00 PM CET


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Kompas Gaming vs aSpera
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Winner: aSpera
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  • Don "DONDERINO" Dimaporo ,
    Suggestions please!
  • Jay "FuckyourSelf" Torres ,
  • -Toshi "_real_vesper_" Nightmare ,
    if kompas use their full team, sure an easy win for them... i believe to afoninje's magic stick.. :) (i bet on kompas) but i think 3 of their main player (afo, goddam, gorec) moved to HR and 'maybe' dont play for kompas anymore.. it can be a massacre for them, bcoz Synergy have a 7k MMR carry (keemerah) -he is 7th rank in europe region- ,and some of his teammate are high-experienced players..
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