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Nov 20, 2014, 8:00 PM CET


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Evil Geniuses DotA2 vs Team Tinker
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  • Jamil "LedZeppelinBlackDog" Rovelo ,
    it's just branches. or rares. or keys. u can't eat it or fuck it. one thing my father taught me about gambling is once you bet, think that it's gone already, when u win then it's a bonus.
    • Nameless "geoffalicious123" Boy ,
      +1 I do that all the time
    • Jim "blackdays" Agos ,
    • mark "mark1324" aguinaldo ,
      lol, forget that and remember what i will say to you. when you bet make sure you will win!!! haha
      • Jamil "LedZeppelinBlackDog" Rovelo ,
        bet for fun. bet big if u can play your cards or boxing with opponent or play basketball seriously with your team. bet on strangers' game? hmmm
        • mark "mark1324" aguinaldo ,
          wtf. watch them how they play, on hows the teamwork of a team. and when you know how that team play you can easily tell who will win / who is in advantage on that game. not just bet bcoz of high percentage of prediction. do you get it? like what if it says 50-50, tell me how you gonna bet on that game? hmmm
          • Jamil "LedZeppelinBlackDog" Rovelo ,
            all im saying is betting for fun is not bad. but betting seriously when u dont hold it in your hands coz 322's happen and playing stupid happens, atleast you got yourself to blame not other people. if u still dont get my point have a nice day.
    • Danny "hellstormrage" van ,
      welcome to gosugamblers.net
  • PGNP "D2PGBP" Agent ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
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