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Nov 2, 2014, 10:00 AM CET


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Team Immunity Dota2 vs Virtus Pro-Dota2
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  • mGm "FoH.Razer.21" Dr4CuL4 ,
    what happened to the game any update?
  • pere "natsuki00" santoz ,
    australian just feed the kanguroo dont even bother to play DOTA
  • Jacob "maemon" Strouse ,
    Ok, honnestly wtf, they only played with each other for this one lan, and now they are winning a game in the grand finals, mind = blown!!! AUS Dota hype!!
    • Ernest "Dodongswayne" A ,
      The Aussie team is made of up familiar players. I think they played together way back, DotA 1 days.
    • Nghia "rocket510" Mai ,
      Look at xMusiCa and blackshatan, they remind me of some old day DotA actions
    • Max "Zeqial" B ,
      Shatan, Xmusica and R1sk played dota 1 and did quite well towards the end of dota 1 and the start of dota 2. Doing fucking amazingly considering their roster has been changing so much recently.
  • Jacob "maemon" Strouse ,
    Ok yeah, these guys have been together for LGD.au, N9, etc but the fact still remains, they havnt scrimmed with each other for like 2 years?, and they are pulling out some pretty amazing performances
  • selkirk "Ryousuke" munckin ,
    failed batrider...feeding too much
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