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Nov 29, 2014, 8:30 PM CET


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Evil Geniuses DotA2 vs Cloud9
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  • joen "arevalo_joen" arevalo ,
    go EG ........
  • x "x-wind77" wind ,
    tbd got this
  • kristoffer "krispypata2k14" pandoyos ,
    EG high expectations!!!EG for TI5 :D please win EGG!!!!
  • joma cris "jcantalejo" cantalejo ,
    EG 99% vs TBD 1% You currently have bet branches 5,000 on To Be Decided. With these percentages, you may win branches 53,717.
    • Paning "kingofbogarts" Ngot ,
      boss anu silbi nung branch?
      • joma cris "jcantalejo" cantalejo ,
        may event ang gosu. branch lang taya mo, tapos pag ikaw ang pinaka madaming na earn sa month na to, may prize. 1st place = 1,000 rares 2nd place = 500 rares 3rd place = 250 rares 4th place = 125 rares 5th place = 125 rares
  • Angelo "Olegnames" Alarcon ,
    i bet 50 branches and if i win i'll win 4,537 thousand branches :)
  • stoper "stoper2014" stoper ,
    4 pa staches on TBD
  • khoi "turtledogcat" pham ,
    u currently have bet 195 branches on TBD with this percentages u may win 9841 branches ez branches
  • mumbane "darksolituder" train ,
    GG admin, pls re-check schedule. there should be PR vs HR on YARD festival 2 hours from now. this is good match and enable item bet pls. pls excuse me gg admin. i know admin won't disappoint us , bettors. anyway this match EG vs TBD still 60 : 40 to me if EG being cocky again like in CD mode.
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