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Team DK vs HyperGloryTeam
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  • forever "teozy" love ,
    HGT got this
    • Samen "skehel" Easy ,
      • forever "teozy" love ,
        DK is overated
        • Samen "skehel" Easy ,
          hm.. will see) DK is not easy team, but they played in new composition little time. HGT have moral to win this game after many loses from DK. However, this game is casino, i think.
  • RP "iamyolooo" Avaricious ,
  • Raymond "iRay" G ,
    One of the best 50:50's matches coming up. Probably going for HGT since 1) They are a more experienced team 2) They seem to get their teamwork and coordination together after those recent games yesterday, which I believe; they will carry on against DK. 3) I prefer the aggressive ZSMJ as compared to DreamyU who just farms away and doesn't really contribute much during early-mid game fights. Anyway final edit: going for DK because. 1) CHINA DOTO, 2) fuck logic
    • yigit "yigocano" ayo ,
      Dude this game is like all about farming :=)
      • Raymond "iRay" G ,
        Yes, seeing on how most china teams play.. it all really comes down to how they fight early-mid. Drafts are a small factor with these teams since their hero pool are godlike
  • gdfgdfgdf "bunnyfunnyenvy" gdfgdfg ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
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