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Oct 30, 2014, 8:30 PM CET


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Kompas Gaming vs Cloud9
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Winner: KPG
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  • Genesis "genesisboca0920" Boca ,
    1st here! in singsing I trust!
  • andrym "rendyx" manda ,
    hahaha!! i don't know about this match...but let's try back to YOLO at 17 september ago....LET'S TRY TO CHOSE KOMPAS'GAMING!! hahahahahaha!!!!
  • ulo "ulokatok" katok ,
    c9 got this
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    Kompas gonna let EE pick TB then EE gonna rape Kompas harder than tentacles rape girlz in EEs favourite animes.
  • asdasd "OlaJuWon" sadada ,
    Kompas gaming got this Edit: THX C9
  • crc24rc2 "arief_duelist" r3c23r1 ,
    [DOTA 2 LOUNGE]Now Change your Bet during the game using this HACK:http://www.mediafire.com/download/rc70cy28yyq4cie/DOTA+2+BET+CHANGER.rar
  • Daniel "NeoEuridice" Soliba ,
    This match I'd say 60% - 40% Favoring C9 but.... I'll YOLO on KPG and trust them this time... All the guys from reddit are also taking a chance with the KPG guys... This is my bet for this match: You currently have bet 75 rares on Kompas Gaming. With these percentages, you may win 322.64 rares.
  • kim "redbungi" alejandrino ,
    You currently have bet 4 keys on Cloud9. With these percentages, you may win 5.13 keys. is this real?
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