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Sep 29, 2014, 2:45 PM CEST


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Titan vs Inter Active Philippines Execration
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Winner: IAP.XctN
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  • Francis "drax104" Bryan ,
    I wonder which match will happen first because IAP has a scheduled bo3 match against MVP Phoenix at WePlay 30 mins. before this match...
    • Francis "drax104" Bryan ,
      It's a good thing that WePlay postponed their scheduled match between IAP and MVP Phoenix. Good job WePlay organizers and thank you for understanding. Now we get to see this game with the teams hopefully focused on the tiebreakers and not worry about other events at the same time. Good luck and may the best team win.
  • John Hardy "ACEFUCKNSAP" Paysan ,
    Who will win this game?
  • Wesley "Bisceto" Teo ,
    IAP got good chance this time , MUSHI not playing for Titan. betting my 24 rares on IAP
  • Andy "kira458" Tan ,
    You currently have bet 1 rare on Inter Active Philippines Execration. With these percentages, you may win 3.18 rares. As I am Titan fan and will happily lose 1 rare if they win. Else I got 3 rares as consolation prize :D
  • Hubert "hubertsalvatore" Goh ,
    who said mushi wont participate this match check this out---https://www.facebook.com/who2bet?hc_location=timeline
  • billy "proztek" kiunisala ,
    How To Bet Rares Here?.. Im New Here
  • Chao "Gaikoz" Lim ,
    Titan w/ Mushi means auto win
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