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Sneaky Nyx Assassins vs compLexity Gaming DotA2
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Winner: SNA
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  • Two "2l3AZ" Baz ,
    SNA won game 2! They are taunting each other but in a friendly way.
  • Raja "kednz" Lubis ,
    please COL win game 3rd
  • Not "Bogy24" Public ,
    I dont know what to say. SNA could have broken the base at least twice. 30 minutes into the game coL had 44 kills, 1 tower. They just took the second at 32 minutes. If you like fights, this was the game. Should check out the VOD when it gets posted.
  • Not "Bogy24" Public ,
    5 games in a row today, SNA has won 3, coL has won 2. I wouldnt say it was the best dota I have seen, but some of it has been really fun. You think if coL wins they will just scim the 7th and final game?
  • afandy "valkryie88" dwi ,
    SNA win :)
  • Not "Bogy24" Public ,
    Well, I saw it happen. SNA wins. It was a good game.
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