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Rave vs Invasion
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Winner: Invasion
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  • glosh "gglucilfer" lucilfer ,
    Open item bet please. And this is too hard to predict. Rat doto by invasion is too good.
  • pandu "trainzgg" pradana ,
    no open item bet??
  • khanh "Aui_2000Fan" khanh ,
    plz open all bet all gamer want it,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
  • No "MessYourMama" Swagerino ,
    draw please
  • wahyu "iwashere" anggoro ,
    invasion got this,with kecikimba viper
  • Arvin "rvnbeibi" Elmenzo ,
    pano po magbet mga pinoy?
    • benedict "bene" kho ,
      if rares yung bebet mo...tapat mo sa name then click mo sa "my itembets"...deposit rares then add mo bot...trade mo bot tapos pag ok na...bet mo na...sana nakatulong ako :)
  • ken "dudung-X" tuano ,
    viper + razor, not sure if that is good. who buys meka? edit: so its viper. means that razor can rush aganims. wow i feel bad for rave :D
  • baste "baste" bertol ,
    The result of this match has not been reported yet. You bet branches 50 on Invasion. With these percentages, you may win branches 206.
  • rowen "guardianexia" dayrit ,
    gg call
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