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Oct 17, 2014, 9:45 PM CEST


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Team Tinker vs Fnatic.Dota2
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  • Barış "ken-chan" Erişen ,
    Wtf bo5 for lower bracket match ? Realy -_-
    • Orhan "ORHy" Yildizay ,
      Only 4 team goes to Finals, since its not a BIG bracket, making it BO5 is a quite reasonable decision tho.
  • Jovial "Setamk" Seta ,
    Sure bo5 no chance to Fnatic :(
  • "trevize" ,
    wait ... this was Bo3 not Bo5 ....
  • Ruben "Shark0killer" Schoups ,
    IT's a Bo3 ! Thats why game 3 is a win for tinker ! :)
  • "trevize" ,
    I didn't bet on a Bo3, but on a Bo5..... nice fuckup gg.net
    • Adam "TheBroCode" Velforsynet ,
      I like how you somehow think Fnatic would have won if was a bo5 despite them losing 2-0 now.
      • Waqi "pghk003" Awi ,
        Yeah. even bo1, fnatic only have 15% chance to win. Because gosu make it bo5, makes me very confident to bet on Tinker because no way fnatic will win this
  • "trevize" ,
    §3.9 If GosuGamers for some reason has the wrong format for a started match (i.e. the wrong best-of-X), all bets are cancelled
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