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North America

Team Empire DotA2

Russian Federation
Best of 3 match
Aug 25, 2014, 10:30 PM CEST


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Team Tinker vs Team Empire DotA2
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  • Ryan Dave "13simple_plan13" Delicano ,
    there would be no eg vs cloud 9 match because both teams withdrew and cannot participate. source: http://www.d2cl.org/news/460/
  • Meren "betting_bot" Aier ,
    without singsing in c9 am goin in for fear
  • Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf ,
    NOTICE: Both EG and Cloud9 pulled out of this tour. Admins are trying to replace them. Itembets for this match are cancelled. Will leave it up in the matchticker until the news is up on GosuGamers.
  • Kevin Morgan "EpicPlays" Alvaro ,
    why are they pulled out sir? :(
  • Flander ".Flan" Abreu ,
    This game will not happen! http://www.d2cl.org/news/460/
  • Jan "Snox" Kowalski ,
    Instead of eg vs c9 match it will be empire vs tinker :)
  • petrica "illudere" dragomir ,
    they did not accept the fact that all matches will be played on EU servers. The problem is that they had a week to read the rules before agreeing. This is showing lack of proffessionalism from both of those teams.
  • Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf ,
    NOTICE #2: Instead of Cloud9 vs EG, we'll have Tinker vs Empire. Sorry if the match still says Cloud9 and EG, it's due to cache and takes some time to update. You may however already start betting on Tinker and Empire if you read the betting options closely.
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