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Aug 25, 2014, 10:30 PM CEST


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Team Tinker vs Team Empire DotA2
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  • khanh "Aui_2000Fan" khanh ,
    Fear u mom. Dont know why some pinoy think fear is good carry. Im EG'fan. But trust me. Fear is not good as carry of EG. Mason better than him. Btw fear will not play in this match. Eg play with 1 standin Cloud 9 play without Aui_2000, i dont know who is standin
  • Cuthbert "TypeZero7" Daquio ,
    without mason is not easy but without singsing is very hard... eg will win this.
  • kenneth koh "knth2" wei ,
    will AUI play on c9?
  • kenneth koh "knth2" wei ,
    yea, fear is not really a good carry. but i can say his decision is good. mason or arteezy is a better carry
  • Christopher "00dium" White ,
    Wow look at all the EG fan boys wetting themselves over Fear, he's old and hasn't played a pro game in almost a year.
  • JOHN "Betlord_Russia" STALIN ,
    Eesama I trust! Past encounters. I saw in eesama streams. They are practicing as a team. With fata mid. Fata so very good. I hope fear can manage to play again after many months. So it will be good game. C9 will win this.
  • jasper "eboljasper123" ebol ,
    i think EG will win!
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