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Sep 9, 2014, 1:30 PM CEST


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LAI Gaming vs ViCi Gaming
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  • LaKheLz "KHEL05" Reynales ,
    100% bet? if i bet to VG. and they win. i can still get branches in return?
  • zero "zerotokx00" tokx ,
    You currently have bet branches 1 on LAI Gaming. With these percentages, you may win branches 297 . LOL
  • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
    LAI is team DT.NGC before They have chance!
    • Janus "DiceBerg17" Joshua ,
      what's that
      • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
        Team DT (Team Brewmaster) crushing IG DK Newbee for many times. But unfortunally disband after Ti4 qualifier(for they lose to CIS,failed to go to Seatle).
        • Janus "DiceBerg17" Joshua ,
          I see. how do you think is their chances of winning here?
          • Sengo "sgsAmA" Yuan ,
            Im not sure will Air (brewmaster user) play this game. With air 40 for LA, 60 for VG Without air 30 for LA, 70 for VG.
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