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Sep 10, 2014, 11:00 AM CEST


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ViCi Gaming vs HyperGloryTeam
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Winner: HGT
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  • Jaybee "Jyb" Ticzon ,
    Go HGT. Giff me keyss
  • Rj "makoooooow" bulaybulay ,
    You currently have bet 20 rares on HyperGloryTeam. With these percentages, you may win 76.73 rares.
    • kyle "Ryle1514" gorospe ,
      what about me i bet 50 branches on hgt who you think will win..
  • kyle "Ryle1514" gorospe ,
    GO HGT !!!!!!! hope they win..
  • rizal "wdp1234" arcillas ,
    HGT GOT THIS..!!! GO HGT!!!
  • Guy "Guy_Fawkes" Fawkes ,
    Why can't I go all-in bet for VG?? this message keeps popping "You may not bet more than the maximum (141 items)." But I already bet 240 rares in recent EG vs UG match.. I doubt the fu**in' limit.. so why is that??? :( O_O
    • Andhika "skyke" Widiawan ,
      The bet rules specifically said you can't bet more than 25% of the bet pool, so you could only bet higher when the total bet is higher too
      • Guy "Guy_Fawkes" Fawkes ,
        thanks for clarification..though I can't still understand such rules imao xD
  • Yhan "yhanzbaby" Gabriel ,
    Bet for HGT. GLHF :)
  • mohamed "mimosamir9" samir ,
    ez4 vg
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