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Zephyr vs MVP Phoenix
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Winner: MVP.Phoen
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  • man "man6231" ,
    4 arcana on MVP thanks MVP helps me won so much stuff
  • Dmitry "sumrak" rRur ,
    mvp go go go ))
  • Hector "St4rBucK" Semerrad ,
    Zephyr has been playing REAL BAD lately. They used to match up well with MVP but I can't see that happening now. Go all in on MVP.
  • khanh "Aui_2000Fan" khanh ,
    No way for Zenoob
  • Nameless "Grucified" Ghoul ,
    There's a chance MVP will throw, 2 match left and they never lose
  • Mohammad "PlaymaT3" Gazor ,
    Tired of thinking about Zephyr's win...MVP got this 100%. My rares are fucking done with Zephyr
  • sahil "Stalk3r" sharma ,
    Even if MVP.Pnx throw zephr counter throw x)) if u knw what i mean! gl hf
  • killme "BackOFF" please ,
    Yes MVP have a chance to throw this game ..
  • Jonas "Falandil" Mundhenk ,
    Match history is kinda interesting, did the rosters change between April 12th and May 7th?
  • "trevize" ,
    Nope rosters stayed the same, but Zephyr lost their edge after KDL Season 1 ended.
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