i-League 2021
i-League 2021

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As winter goes and spring comes, Vientiane is renewed. The i-League is about to start. The i-League is held in Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park. As a landmark business center in Minhang, the Aegean is located on the crowded Wuzhong Road, adjacent to the famous Korean characteristics. In addition to gathering a wealth of food check-in points, the Aegean Sea has never stopped expanding in terms of exploring the trend of culture. The cooperation with the i-League this time is a big step for the Aegean Sea to e-sports. The huge sunken plaza in the center can accommodate hundreds of people to watch the game at the same time, combined with its own commercial resources, completely bid farewell to the crowded traffic after the end of the past competition and the rigid high consumption of watching the game! Create a comfortable watching experience for the audience, and there are also a lot of offline benefits waiting for you!

Starting day
¥600,000Prize Pool
Closed Qualifier
Main Event

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