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14 Apr 2021 03:00:00 CEST


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Pecado Squad Gaming vs 5ManMidas



  • "kr9" ,
    Pinnacle sports voided my winning bet and sent the following to me. Betters beware of pinnacle sports. "[E Sports] [Dota 2 - Dota Pro Circuit: NA Lower Division] [Map 3] Pecado Squad vs 5ManMidas has been cancelled due to the following reason: [Abnormal and suspicious betting activity has been detected for this event. All bets from all customers have been cancelled. This action is taken very rarely and is for the protection of all our customers.]" "We imagine your inconvenience and disappointment, however, we have cancelled all wagers on this particular game (Pecado Squad vs 5ManMidas) because there was a pattern detected of wagering on the game that has been determined to be suspicious." Please comment and let me know if anyone else had issues with betting this game.
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