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Orange Esports vs ArcanysGaming
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Winner: Arcanys
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  • Dydy "rheinjihoo" Matsu7 ,
    this match only can bet branch ?
    • Kaung "7up92" Myat Htoo ,
      you can bet rares and keys also.
      • Jomar "JumongYeah" Barias ,
        how? my first time to bet here. i dont know how. please help
        • Renz "renzelito" T ,
          Hover name>Click My Itembets>Choose how many rares>Request bot>Add bot>Accept trade>Put exact number of rares>Accept>Done.
          • waweew "darkpassenger" qwera ,
            i Want to bet keys but what if other teams forfeit?
            • Renz "renzelito" T ,
              Haven't bet keys actually but if that's the case, it will be returned to you. Just request the bot again.
  • marc "plocks62" balanag ,
    2k on Orange. :D Arcanys Has a long way to go. :))
  • tan "omochita" chengtek ,
    rare can keep how long if did not take out?
  • ivan "ivanex" baldomar ,
    Your account is now created, check your e-mail for activation! Did you not receive the e-mail? Please note that it might take up to 30 minutes to receive the e-mail. Please check your spam filter. If you waited and still did not receive the e-mail, click the button below to re-send the activation e-mail. its been already 1 day and i havnt receive any email ikeep re-sending but still no emal recieve how can i fix this? cant bet any items cauz of this
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