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Team DK vs DT.NGC
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  • Ridi "Abysswalker" Ere ,
    Why cant we bet here?
  • kuldeepak "darkterrror12345" kamath ,
    Dt.NGC gonna win...^_^
  • Kelvin "Prime_kdz" Dela cruz ,
    Best of one ... Lucky
  • Hoang anh "VG.x4" Minh ,
    Giv some informations guys. Who gonna win?
  • Key "Shini_7" G ,
    You can clearly see DT have won the overall with 4-2. For some reason they match up really great against DK. Don't forget they took game 1 against Newbee too,and their recent loses are mainly Newbee(4 loses). I wouldn't bet on DK anyway risk too high for low profit. But don't let me stop you from betting on DK fangirls raise ur Arcanas. Kappa.
    • Mr. "ilikeblue" Blue ,
      The only reason DK lost was because they were testing heroes and weren't even playing seriously. Just like yesterdays game against newbee the 2nd game..zeus and huskar pick up..and in the end they lost game 3 as well
  • sthoon "icools2n" vizwetehn ,
    if DK ban Brewmaster . less chance on DT. but i trust to AIR .. all in DT.NGC
  • Hoang anh "VG.x4" Minh ,
    I bet 3myth, 1 high price rr on DT in d2l :/ hope DT will win
  • Ricky "Rickyfillan" Fillan ,
    Fuckin noob DK DT will win
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