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Team Empire DotA2

Russian Federation
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Jun 25, 2014, 5:00 PM CEST


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2 : 3

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Fnatic.Dota2 vs Team Empire DotA2
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  • Can "ptRlix" Özer ,
    [A] got this.
  • vhic "gheevhic" fabz ,
    Empire vs Alliance for the GF.....Empire will surely have there revenge against A.....haha cant wait to see this 2 teams fight again it will be an epic match haha....all in all for Empire "resolution" got this..
    • Juan "xz1" Rodriguez ,
      never go full pinoy
      • James "Yared" A ,
        Though historically, the PH has the most top GosuBetters.
        • Hellert "hellert" Grindelwalt ,
          because this site is fucking occupied buy your brethren
          • James "Yared" A ,
            Obvious you'd say that, but as they say, the sheer number alone doesn't equate to taking the most #1 spots if there's no quality.
    • philo "BubbLe-NiNjA" natividad ,
      yeah but. why is resolution not on mid anymore hes going top carry in a safelane. miss seeing he's invoker.
  • Slurp "slurp778" slurp ,
    Empire 0 - 1 SF, Empire 0 - 1 Meepo. Now it's BO5, let's see...
  • Michał "FajnaPiczka" Skóra ,
    in Xcalibur we trust.
  • Myung Wol "blackharu144" Han ,
    is Xcalibur will still standin in TI4 or ERA will come back?
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