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Titan vs Orange Esports
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Winner: Titan
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  • FinN "FinNTheHuman123" TheHuman ,
    another ez rare go to titan
  • Christopher "christopherleo" Leo ,
    Gosucrew please explain how did TeamOrange stay at gosu world ranking #14 after 5 lost disfavor to them?
    • sylvester "Kiroro666" stephen ,
      the ranking is based on team's achievement. it will take a while for orange to continue dropping its ranking after winning 3rd place on TI3 and some big championships. although the actual member of orange has been dispersed.. still
  • Glenn "kyzerrio" Mendez ,
    Because they still got a lot of points being left by Mushi and d 4 members of Titan.. and now they are putting down the 3rd team of TI3
  • Deadpool "Mywayyy" Rade ,
    Titan has more experience, Titan went lan on china and overcoming IG
  • Gerard "Catalyst_pmf" Salinas ,
    Can any admin confirm what server they'll be playing? cause Orange aint in china yet
  • Slurp "slurp778" slurp ,
    Its SEA. Orange aint in China, nor Titan.
  • dela "delacruz23" cruz ,
    Easy for Orange , game 2 auto win , if you know what i mean
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