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Invictus Gaming vs Team DK
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  • Saif "512MB" Bali ,
    iG got this for srry :(
  • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
    with DK's current shape its most likely IG will win this.
    • Karst "LucKeR-" Downey ,
      Sure they didn't perform that well against EG, but I don't think I would count them out here. They have always been very good at spotting Chinese teams' weaknesses. I'll put 3 rares on DK to put my money where my mouth is! Edit: Welp apparently my bets didn't save so fuck me.
      • sing "WalangBangus" sing ,
        If Luo can farm a lot like in WPC Ace 2 then they are screwed.
      • Pryine "GGGbet" Chai ,
        to be honest, DK is strong team with good individual skill. the problem is their draft. DK was way too confident in picking their hero against EG They should consider opponent might have counter to their pick. If they keep doing this, top 8 is more than enough for them in TI4 IG is better in drafting and execution although the individual skill of DK might be better (except for 430) which i think > Mushi.
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