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Oblique Gaming vs Execration
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Winner: XctN
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  • koroshi "Ks-Koroshi" 暗殺者 ,
    Brace yourselves Indian fanboys, SEA 2nd best team after MI (judging their score in dota 1 at 2010), xctn will rape your team just like they rape others in dota 1. HAHAHAHA
  • Marvin "marvin010689" Ramirez ,
    love to know other country how dota 1 dominate sea by mi and xctn but in dota 2 they kinda bit lousy Y_Y
    • HJM "premium.heart" THR ,
      Mineski isn't that bad. I'd say top 4-5 in SEA atm. Also, Ninjaboogie is a lot better of a carry than julz. I can say that by watching how he plays that Slardar.
  • Son "Sonrobin" Robin ,
  • Vinit "Vinitc91" Chavan ,
    Ks-koroshi faggot,what happened? GG OG
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