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Titan vs Orange Esports
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Winner: Orange
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  • dela "delacruz23" cruz ,
    fellow pinoys , please anti orange this team., they are playing lag to win game , shame , minrsk will revenge
    • Doomie "Doomie" Seek ,
      The amount of butthurt in a single sentence is too damn high
    • Renz "enzodious" Teng ,
      LOL dude, don't you know proper grammar? I can't understand your entire statement except that "mineski will revenge".
    • jhanz "navijhanzkii" aquino ,
      he is a complete idiot. ignore that BASTARD. retarded. A lost is a lost. accept it. move on. jeez!
    • nah "nah_lo" lo ,
      dont worry mineski adapt Navi strategy, lose now-win later
    • Lan "xedeluxe" Xday ,
      bravo retard 12 yrs old pinoy..
    • ferdinand "imogul" nolasco ,
      move on...
    • Paolo "QPii" Pacs ,
      lol. this kid never stop. grow up stupid! a lose is a lose. go cry to your mama.
    • sohai "mahai" ka ,
      to pinoys, if you cant affort a smooth connection please dont join any competiton. When u lose please admit. Orange hav nthg to do with your connection.
      • Von "wowch" Mapa ,
        just 5 mins in to the game and orange were asked to decide.. they decided not to face mineski in the 2nd game.. they chose a free win.. is that commendable? it was anybody's match.. it was mineskis game to lose or orange on the other hand.. i didnt hate them for that, i was just upset... i mean im a fan who just wants to see the team i support play a game.. either win or lose.. its not with the internet connection.. it is all about what we so call "sportspersonship" if you think you deserved that win, play it the hard way.. not the easy way .. hate me all you want for being a filipino.. i have no grudges against you.. (bow)
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