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Arrow Gaming vs Everlast.Gamefilling
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Winner: Arrow
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  • he "heyanyunhy" yanyun ,
    Arrow GO ON~
  • Young "Tyrantboy" [C]aesar ,
    New Alliance on the way - Arrow Gaming
  • Izaya "Izaya" Orihara ,
    i think everlast could atleast take a game, arrow is looking strong though
  • fazri "kkkkkkkkkk" p ,
    arrow has been really impressive lately.
  • teh "WE5" jin ,
    Looking for a team SEA i am looking for a decent team , who always play at team matchmaking and join any tournaments . SEA only . my info: IGN - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198108975038/ role : solo mid /carry just add me . i'm looking for a nice team . no team trashtalk / bad manners .
  • Stanimir "kamata" Vasilev ,
    arrow are very good 6-0-2 i think they got this
  • harry "joy_hyhy" lim ,
    arrow potentially next sea powerhouse , their player have high individual skill they just need more experience facing tier 1 team
  • Lyster "PlayYourStyle" Tennyson ,
    Arrow got this game!
  • renel "oisilener1982" isio ,
    Lowyat = Nothing Arrow = Impressive Are they the same players as lowyat or they changed some? How can they be suddenly strong under the name of arrow but in lowyat they even lost to Execration (one without ninjaboogie)
  • Abdullah "City.Hunter" Sanusi ,
    Everlast..a force to be reckoned with..game 2 was impressive..they even better than mithtrust
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