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Mineski.Dota2 vs First Departure
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Winner: Mski.Dota2
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  • koroshi "Ks-Koroshi" 暗殺者 ,
    After just watched the replays of dota 1 SMM 2010 and the flood opinions of pinoy fans, seems likely the representative aka best team of SEA mineski pinoy doto will conquer the world again. Les see if Scythe can stand a chance to take tier 2 towers of mineski. GL both team btw..
    • Darren "ghyeng" Yeng ,
      "representative aka best team of SEA" What? Mineski is at most a tier 2/3 team with their recent performance. The top teams of SEA should be Titan and Scythe followed by Orange, Arrow, First Departure. (Yes most are Singapore/Malaysia teams, but we all know the other Pinoy (Mineski, Xctn) and Thai (MiTH) teams are just sub-par performance and are not consistent) The reason why Mineski being the favored team here is simple, because of the pinoys hyping for this team. (Look at Mineski facebook with 1m+ likes and Na'vi facebook with less than half of it) Basing of the recent performance of both teams, FD definitely has better chance to take this bo3. The odd is just extremely fine for FD now thanks to Pinoy hype.
      • dela "delacruz23" cruz ,
        damn you hater
        • Lim "Raina" Raina ,
          After days of looking at your post, it seems to you any comments against ph teams even if they are true make them a "hater". You might want to consider youself delusional. I have been very impressed with Julz and he did beat the best in Mushi, but then again after seeing yesterday's match, he doesn't get any consistency more than 2 weeks and is a burden to the team.
        • Darren "ghyeng" Yeng ,
          You can call me hater, but what I'm saying are all truth. Let's look at Mineski's performance after their "CNY coaching session from Mushi": 0-2 Titan, 1-1 Xctn, 1-0 Fifty9, 2-1 BirdGang, 0-2 Arrow What can you say from this? They have been dropping so many games that they should have won. Their draft isn't that bad, but their executions and performances are just horrible, especially on their latest 0-2 loss to Arrow. Julz is not carrying their team and Jay even on his strong hero, Storm Spirit performed sub-par in game 2 against Arrow. Their item build is questionable, with Jay's Storm going for a Bloodstone rush when they were in disadvantage. If he have gotten an Orchid instead of Bloodstone they could have played more aggressively with Storm. The Bloodstone is simply a waste of 5k gold (which was their only "asset" of the game) which dropped to 2-3 charges left after a few death. FD although their new carry, Ks isn't that impressive as compared to Meracle who left for Scythe, and also having Poloson left, is doing good recently with their good draft and good plays. FD might have become a little weaker than before, but Mineski became a team like 2 tiers lower than their previous form.
          • HJM "premium.heart" THR ,
            Did you know, against their match with Arrow yesterday, that they were in the middle of a DAY LONG tourney (they were aready in the Semis when this game started)? Now can you play decently when you're already been playing for a WHOLE FREAKING DAY and an ass internet connection? The answer is NO. In that regards, kudos to Mineski. It's not that they're good. They aren't bad either. Before speaking your so called "truth", you need to set your facts straight first.
            • Marvin "marvin010689" Ramirez ,
              i agree, i bow to you you know they are in semi finals mpgl here in ph vs execration yesterday and it started aroung 9 am and end 11pm, they are playing all day long guys i guess jay is tired of thinking heroes draft, but still i dont want julz how he playing and how he throw how he feed wtf i dont know what to say anymore
              • George "TwincasT" Makintosh ,
                amen to that bro. after all these bad results i still dont think they see the the cancer of the team. Its not that i hate julz, its just that if thats what he can do at his best there are way more better players than him in PH. he sucks at everything except farming.
      • Marvin "marvin010689" Ramirez ,
        kick julz that's all i can say ang bring back jhoven as there 1. or 2. carry,, i dont see why they keep julz,, he's just a dissapointment
      • Marvin "marvin010689" Ramirez ,
        im a pinoy but if you know jay jessie gio and owa here in ph there a lot more usefull in a team except for julz always throw a game.. i dont like him in person but i dont want him in such a team a lot of talents like jay *bimboker* imba mid...
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