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Orange Esports vs Scythe Gaming
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Winner: Scythe
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  • Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf ,
    Missed the last bans, will edit them in later when replay is available. If anyone managed to catch them, feel free to reply to me and I'll add them in.
  • dela "delacruz23" cruz ,
    winter timber too stornk
  • Izaya "Izaya" Orihara ,
    Winter > Divine Rapier apparently
  • Wen Hung "brothergotskills" Lau ,
    Timbersaw with blood-stone is just crazy~~~good job Winter!!!
  • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
    Great game but Neotolic stream is like meh nvm I go watch pokemon on twitch or lol. Edit 20 seconds later streamer: "Puck is gonna counter ember spirit hard ..." because he goes through coil being immune so no stun for him he blocks all puck burst so basicly yes great counter.Oh my goodness these guys .
  • J "-K" L ,
    eew why is ember on cm??
  • Pop "Quahogz" Cosmin ,
    Ember owned pretty hard xD. They finally banned only in the 3rd match :).
  • Floyd "Moneymay" Mayweather ,
    Isn't this the tournament that ex-manager of speed is running? you guys are supporting this? lol
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