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Mar 27, 2014, 9:00 PM CET


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Team Liquid vs Cloud9
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  • Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf ,
    Note: They play the full 3 games regardless of the outcome, even if that means one team winning 3-0 due to the format of the tournament. Stage One = 1 game, Stage Two = 2 games, Stage Three = 3 games. Every game one will award the winner with 1 point. So teams can get 0 to 3 points for this particular match.
  • The "value_pack" Jester ,
    i guess it should be race to 3 rather than best of 3
  • giga "deathfrostgig" maglakelidze ,
    any ideas whos standing in for liquid?
  • x "lfjj" d ,
    I actually think DeMoN would be a great for Liquid, he got massive experience and is what I would call a playmaker. He can outplay any player when he's on top of his game, I just think he need a bit more discipline. I still think waytosexy (WAY TOO SEXY??) should be replaced with someone better, but don't have any player in mind.
    • Daniel "sephiroth674" LaRue ,
      *cough*ixmike*cough* :D
      • x "lfjj" d ,
        I don't consider ixmike to be better or worse than waytosexy, they're pretty equal. Don't like either of them.
  • Christopher "christopherleo" Leo ,
    Ban Cloud9. The odds is overrated for c9
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