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Korea, Republic of
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Feb 8, 2014, 5:00 AM CET


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5InQ vs Zephyr
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Winner: Zephyr
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  • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
    i hope 5InQ wins this, Zephyr is a team of hopeless noobs who didn't had a single chance to succeed at EU/NA and gone 4 easy money while in fact korean need that money much more so they can build "scene" -_-
    • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
      actually they would build NA scene with 1 more team if they manage to secure this prize. But NA=Tier 2 Europe <Tier 1 europe~<China so basicly what you say is correct. rares on Zephyr hopes on 5InQ
      • Young "Tyrantboy" [C]aesar ,
        Why most of you guys betting on Zephyr when statistically 5InQ has performed better? I need more info before placing my rares :/
        • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
          as a matter of facts US boys have played more dota than Koreans. I cant really say they are unbeatable and high uber pro but they certainly have more experience, I would gladly see them defeated for progress of d2 in Korea.
  • Pota "SiMPLeFeeDeR" Oeoe ,
    bet all branch and 4 rares on 5InQ.. never like zephyr from the very beginning... also how to bet keys on dota2lounge?
  • Ravi "papi" red ,
    4keys and all branches for 5InQ..
  • Rommel "H_M" Zerrudo ,
    stream pls
  • Ishan "juve9el" Rajbhandari ,
    Any stream?
  • Ishan "juve9el" Rajbhandari ,
    Any stream?
  • Bogdan "MarelePisoi" Bugariu ,
    Stream added
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