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Mineski AMD Razer vs Titan
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Winner: Titan
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  • azri "monkeydaluffy" hilmi ,
    plz.. again.. all in for TITAN.. gimme more!
  • charles "chairless" tolentino ,
    Mineski just showing their limitations with regards to their drafting on this tourney. they have the individual talent but still they still need more experience on lan tourneys. Titan will win ACG since they are showing that they can compete with top chinese teams.
  • Kamlesh "Zoomer" Gaggar ,
    Titan won the finals. So why this rematch?
    • John "RedBlue" Doe ,
      Titan needs to win 2 bo3 to win the tournament whereas Mineski only needs to win 1 bo3 to win the tournament. So, had Mineski won the bo3 just now, they would have won the tournament.
  • sylvester "Kiroro666" stephen ,
    i bet for mineski because of the rares outcome if they win. but if titan win, i'd be happy too. :D
  • Astary "Mina-" Mina- ,
    why again? just now titan win already. why rematch?
  • ronald "adlanor" morata ,
    Mineski has no coach I think..their picks and bans are horrible... they are the ones who limit their capabilities by picking mirana in almost all games and letting jhoven fed...I don't know if mineski is trolling in these matches so that the next BO3 would happen.
  • eans "mojopunk" hays ,
    Titan is just too strong. Having yamateh is like having Mushi back.
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